2023 Garden Walk

"St. Clair in Bloom"


This past summer, 2019, we had our first Garden Walk, A Tour of Special Gardens. When the idea was first presented to our members, we asked them to keep in mind all the planting, fertilizing, and watering and extra cost that would be required to create a visually pleasing garden. Due to all of the tasks required by numerous committees it took nine months of planning and commitment. What fun it was to share our beautiful outdoor spaces with others!

As members became excited about this event they began to think about activities and how they could best participate. We looked at a website* (see below), which became our guiding light for this very successful fundraiser.

Another significant aspect of this successful fundraiser was coordinating a Raffle with five very desirable prizes. Offered as prizes were a wheelbarrow with a wide array of gardening tools, supplies books and oh yes we did not forget the selection of wines; a gourmet dinner for 6 by a well-known chef; an original painting by a local artist, this painting was featured on the front cover of the ticket/booklet; a basket full of surprises from a popular store named Weekends; and tickets for 12 to tour the Detroit Parade Company floats.

Projects which include all members in a Club are so beneficial to friendship building while at the same time we work toward a common goal. A major club project brings awareness to the community to recognize the Garden Club’s involvement in beautifying their city.

The gardens varied in size and interest: a farm; a country garden; an historical home along the beautiful St. Clair River; and five homes located in a variety of neighborhoods.

The success of our 2019 Tour was due to the participating members of the St. Clair Garden Club, and the very dedicated Steering Committee members, who are:

Co-chairs: Sandy Davis and Caroline Schultz
Booklet/ticket design and layout: Nancy Diebold
Underwriting: Sharon Mertz and Carolyn Groff
Publicity: Pat O’Connor and Kathy Cilluffo
Assistance in the Gardens and Refreshments:
Kathy Nemer-Kaiser, Claire Richardson, Carol Gavie, and Marilyn Schriner
Ticket Sales: Kathy Cameron and Heather Hysolp
Raffle: Kim Neale and Suzie Katakis, with assistance from Pat O’Connor


Davis Garden

Diebold Garden

Millies Garden

O'Connor Garden

Shultz Garden

Special Dreams Farm

Tracy's Garden